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What is your business’s preferred method of communication? It’s usually email or some type of telephone solution. Especially for a telephony solution, you need to make sure that your communication infrastructure is designed specifically for your organization. To this end, a traditional telephone system could be holding your business back from achieving its most lofty goals, whereas VoIP can propel your company forward.

Switching to VoIP Can Simplify Your Business

Take a moment to think back to when you first implemented your in-house telephone system. You undoubtedly had to run a ton of wires to every single desk in your office just to have a phone at each workstation. There is also the contract you had to sign with your local telephone company. Perhaps you signed up for a plan that included services you didn’t want or need, which is causing strain on your budget and prevents you from pursuing greater opportunities. And you can forget about adding new users to your phone system, as it would likely be a bigger pain than it’s worth. How can you take full advantage of a telephone solution, when the telephone companies that provide such a solution are so out of touch with the needs of a modern business?

The ideal approach to telecommunication in the business world is one that doesn’t place so many restrictions on its users and promotes flexibility. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, can use your business’s Internet connection to send and receive calls. With this technology, you stand to benefit considerably from the implementation of VoIP solution.

VoIP Cuts Costs

There are so many costs associated with implementing a traditional telephone system in your office. Considering how VoIP uses your Internet connection–something that you already pay for–you can save a bit on operational costs and eliminate waste. Your only concern is whether your network’s bandwidth is substantial enough to handle this type of traffic, so you’ll want to work with an IT provider to ensure your network is configured correctly.

VoIP Simplifies Your Infrastructure

Running cables and wires all around your office for a traditional telephony setup takes a huge amount of time, especially if it’s done correctly. This time eventually transforms into labor hours and costs. Since VoIP doesn’t require any additional wires installed in your office, and all you need is an Internet connection, adding new users is simple as can be. All you need to use a VoIP solution is the device itself, like a desktop or a smartphone, the VoIP application, and an Internet connection.

VoIP Offers Extra Features

VoIP allows your organization to take advantage of much more than just telecommunication. Depending on your business’s needs, VoIP – such as what is included in Office 365 – also offers services such as video chat, conference calling, instant messaging, and more, turning your phone solution into a robust unified communications program.

Regardless of your business’s needs, VoIP can offer your organization something that can benefit its operations. Contact us today to learn more about VoIP.

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